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Greg Loomis/ Romans 8 Performance Horses

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My Name is Greg Loomis, I'm a believer and follower of Jesus Christ first and foremost. The first time I climbed on a horse its where I've always wanted to be or find myself coming back to. I have cowboy'd from Kansas to North Dakota and Wyoming. I have always found myself being asked to ride and train a horse for someone along with training several of my own and selling a few sale horses every year. A couple years ago I decided to go full time training for public and work for myself and family. We moved to be closer to my wife's family in Nebraska where we have bought a house and are growing our lives for the future. My training utilizes the knowledge I have grown over the years. I don't have a name for what I do but I'm a student of the horse and try to get better everyday. I work horses as quite and slow as I can to build a trust and understanding between me and them and to give them the best foundation possible for the future. I don't believe in cowboying one but instead building the relationship that owners and horses need to succeed.

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  • Colt Starting
  • Equine Photographer
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  • Rodeo Speed Event Coaching/Training
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  • Team Roping Coaching/Training
  • Versatility Ranch Horse Training

What clients have to say about Greg Loomis/ Romans 8 Performance Horses


We took our 3 year old mare to Greg for him to start and getting her going in the right direction. I don’t trust just anyone with our horses, I was looking for a kind, professional and knowledgeable trainer and that’s what we found in Greg. He was very easy to work with and did a great job on our horse. Would highly recommend him to anyone. Definitely will use him in the future. Daphne Tidyman
Very honest and upfront. I highly recommend Greg Loomis to anyone looking for a new horse. We bought a gelding from them last year and he was prompt at answering all my questions. Tandra Klein Thrall



Have a 40' round pen for starting. I have countless acres I can ride outside. I day work on horses that are far enough along to do a job. Have a outdoor roping arena for starting and training rope horses. I have 4 wheeler and sled to do all the slow work.