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Joe Turner

Rocky Mountain Horseman

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Graduated 1994 at Yosemite High School in Yosemite, CA


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Hello, my name is Joe Turner, the Rocky Mountain Horseman. My belief is to create "Willing Partnerships through Desired Leadership" by “Teaching Horsemanship not Forcemanship” using gentle techniques rooted in horse psychology and herd behaviorisms exhibited daily by the horses in their natural environment. Listening to your horse and learning their non-verbal language is the best way to "earn" their partnership and the respect that, we & our horses, both wish to obtain. I am a colt starter, clinician, horse/human behavior specialist, horse educator, people trainer and a professional skier based in South West Montana, USA! My passion for horses drives deep but I am not your typical Western Cowboy, I am a Horseman! Learning to work with horses didn’t come to me until a little later in my youth. I was always around but not involved with horses directly because of my skiing career but it took befriending a cowboy in Jackson Hole, Wyoming before I would take the lifestyle into my heart. I had many different influencers that showed me tools and techniques, but ultimately the horse showed me what methods work best for them. I have many aspects to my business, but I really enjoy starting and educating young horses as well as teaching or re-educating horses that which have not had the best start or foundation laid down for them. I teach communication through body language and energy and that these are the most natural, safest and quickest keys to a successful partnership based on Leadership through the horse’s eyes, not as domination through the rider’s eyes. Creating trust and leadership with stallions, troubled horses and developing positive safe relationships between owners and horses are some of the other aspects that make up a majority of my business, in addition to the clinics and seminars. I have worked with thousands of horses all over the world and in 2013 I was asked to represent the USA in Europe’s equivalent of “The Road To The Horse” competition. It was at this competition that I was crowned International Colt Starting Champion and asked to become a fixture in the European equine culture. Earlier, I was the head trainer at the world's largest Rocky Mountain Horse ranch (almost 300 head) based in Montana; it was one of the largest horse ranches in the U.S.A., at the time. I have worked with many breeds, including but not limited to Arabians, Thoroughbreds, many types of European Warm Bloods, Rocky Mountain Horses and many other gaited breeds, Paso Finos, American Quarter Horses, Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador, Percherons, Belgians and many other large working stock, Mules, ponies and too many more to list. I have had the incredible opportunities to learn from and work some of the best horsemen in the world like Dr. Robert Miller, Jack Brainard, Lester Buckley and many others. Just because I know these people this does not qualify me to be a great Horseman, only horses can do that and I am a firm believer that the day we die is the day we stop learning. Through all of my travels I have found that a horse is still a horse no matter where you go in the world, and kindness is always the best tool that you can have! So come on out to one of my clinics and learn about Horse Psychology & Herd Behaviorisms, Equine Anatomy and how to have a true partnership with the horse on a level that is natural to the horse using techniques based on herd dynamics and body language! Learn how to stop dominating your horse and learn how to be a leader. Be Safe & Have Fun, Joe Turner “Teaching Horsemanship not Forcemanship”
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Outdoor facility with Missouri River and thousands of acres to ride in. Close access to Yellowstone and surrounding mountain ranges containing, Grizzly Bears, Elk, Moose, Wolfs, and many other critters and animals. Trail Course on-premises and trains, heavy equipment, and traffic also close by for constant exposure while creating the dream trail horse.